A carefully constructed and neutral color palette allows the Approach pattern to adapt to your surroundings AND the current lighting conditions. Changing light will no longer dictate whether or not you stay hidden when it matters most.


Multi-Layered Visual Confusion

An almost obscene amount of layers were built into Badlands Approach to ensure that the eye cannot detect where one shape ends and another begins. This is the basis of visual confusion and the key to truly effective camouflage.


Design, Test, Repeat

The most meticulously tested project in Badlands history, Approach has ventured across the globe and been tested in countless different types of terrain. Only when it was perfect were we able say with confidence, “the new approach to hunting is here.”

Why Approach?

Everyone approaches the hunt differently. For us, it’s about tipping the odds in our favor. Badlands Approach camouflage was developed as a challenge to ourselves to see just how far we could push camouflage technology. Can we now say mission accomplished? Did we discover the right approach? We’ll let you decide.